Female Once-ler Eternal cosplay.

Yup, that’s me.

Eternal belongs to Hoseki Dragon.

The tattooes aren’t real: I didn’t have time to make them, besides, the one on the back would have been a pain to draw…I’ll make them for real (with facepaint) when I’ll bring this cosplay to Milan’s Comicon “Cartoomics” in March.

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    You don’t deserve…? 'Seki, if I had a tenth of your talent and imagination I'll consider myself lucky! I liked The Lorax...
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    I’m reblogging his here because oh my gosh guys I am seriously overwhelmed by the fact that someone is COSPLAYING A FEM...
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    ((OH MY GOSH MAN ALIVE. LET ME JUST I AM SCREAMING OVER HERE Just—I am completely overwhelemed by this, I was not...